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The Origins of Laughin' Fly

The first time I went fly fishing was very misleading. My dad and I had the opportunity to fish at the Rolling Rock Fly fishing club located in Ligonier, PA. If you’re not familiar, Rolling Rock is a perfectly manicured, picture perfect stream broken up by multiple jake dams and filled to the brim with multiple species of trout. It was like catching fish in a barrel and as a result got me hooked on fly fishing.

As I got older and began fishing on my own after school and struggled to catch fish when fly fishing. After some diligent research, I discovered that your success as a fly fisherman depends heavily on your ability to read the stream and choose the right fly for the conditions, time of year, location, and many other factors. I quickly found myself spending more time studying insects than I did fishing. This was extremely frustrating, especially when I wasn’t catching any fish.

My frustration grew until my junior year of college when I discovered I could use technology to aid my fly fishing hobby. As a computer science major, I was able to start developing the Laughin’ Fly app and tailor it to my exact needs. The Laughin' Fly app has now become the fly fishing app built by fly fishermen, for fly fishermen.

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App Features

At Laughin' Fly, we've created a mobile app that makes fly fishing, easier, more practical and less tedious. Using custom patented software, the Laughin' Fly mobile app allows users to spend less time studying bugs and more time fishing. Our app has four main features to help improve the flyfishing experience:

Interactive Map

The Interactive Map allows users to study terrian, create markers, create notes and find fishing locations based on any criteria.

Fly Suggestor

The Fly Suggestor supplies the user with a list of flies that are thes best to use based on the users location, time of year, time of day, weather, wind speed, stream guage, water temp, moonphase, and many other factors.

Fly Identifier

The Fly Identifier uses a custom built AI Nueral Network to allow the user to identify flies just by holding it up to the camera.

My Fly Box

The My Fly Box feature allows users to keep track of what flies they own. When used in tandem with the Fly Shop, Fly Identifier and Fly Suggestor it becomes a powerful tool for anglers.

Stocking Data

The App also provides stocking data from government sites across the country and organizes it so that users easily filter and find recently stocked places to fish.

Fly Archive

The Fly Archive is a comprehensive archive of flies with images and information for each.

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The Laughin' Fly App is available on both the App Store and the Google Play Store

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